How Do Rats Have Sex

Jack Black the royal rat catcher, Jacko the world-champion rat killer, rats who mate more than once a minute, and more.

Why do some rats leave drops of pee everywhere? It’s a personal ad. Adult male and female rats leave drops of pee everywhere to advertise their sexual availability.

Aggression in Norway rats. Aggression is a fascinating and distressing topic for the pet rat owner. We are intrigued or amused by aggressive behaviors like chasing and sidling, but we hate it when our pets hurt each other.

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Rats are thin-tailed, medium-size rodents that are found all over the world.

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We thought we were the only species to enjoy intimate interactions, but as Jason G Goldman discovers, a few curious couplings in nature have changed our view.

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History. In 1953, James Olds and Peter Milner, of McGill University, observed that rats preferred to return to the region of the test apparatus where they received direct electrical stimulation to the septal area of the brain.

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Table 1 . Differences between NK 603-fed rats and controls. Study of the GMO effects, which are indicated by mean differences (%) for each parameter with the corresponding control group per sex and per dose.

“Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation.” ALBERT SCHWEITZER. Why Do Poisons Matter? Written by Dr. Laurel Serieys (caracal [at]

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Specially bred rats have been kept as pets at least since the late 19th century. Pet rats are typically variants of the species brown rat, but black rats and giant pouched rats are also known to be kept.