Homemade Rain Barrel

This afternoon I went to the hardware store, spent $38.22, and came out with everything I needed to make a Roughneck Rain Barrel. My plan is to use the

Here are two examples of rain barrel/roof top catchment systems. The first is of a complex commercial system; the second, a home made design.

Homemade Rain Barrel 65

Homemade Rain Barrel 18

Homemade Rain Barrel 88

Homemade Rain Barrel 103

ensure you have enough water in a survival situation is to collect it from your roof. We found an old method our grandparents used to filter rainwater

Homemade Rain Barrel 48

We started by painting the large sheets of paper with abstract spring motifs (those are rain puddles and grass in the photo above, just in case you were wondering!).

Homemade Rain Barrel 3

Homemade Rain Barrel 47

Learn how to build this DIY rain barrel stand for multiple rain barrels in a weekend to reduce your water usage!

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Buy Suncast 50 Gallon Rain Barrels at acehardware.com and receive free pickup at your neighborhood Ace.

During our boiling, broiling, blistering summer of 2012 here in the Missouri Ozarks, water was a topic of conversation wherever we went. Creeks and ponds dried up (some never recovered) and the water table dropped, forcing a few neighbors to have their well pumps lowered or to even have deeper wells

Homemade Rain Barrel 103

The Rain Kilt is a simple solution for lightweight rain protection. Keeps moisture off of your lower body and provides excellent ventilation. Weight 2.5oz.

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Once you learn how to make a rain barrel, the time it takes to make the project will be well worth the effort in free water for all your outdoor lawn and garden uses.

To keep out pests, always keep the safety-snap cover on the rain barrel. Mosquitoes will gather wherever there is open standing water. Also make sure to keep your barrel free of organic material, which also may lead to unpleasant odors.