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Hi Fanficcers! This is Gwen and Ronnie from! Although was closed on April 28th, it was not deleted! That’s important because it’s coming back!

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A Shape of Water fanfiction writer explains why the fandom doesn’t care as much about sex as it does love.

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[email protected] Please be as detailed as possible in your support request. If you are having browser issues with the site, please let us know your operating system, browser name, browser version, internet provider name, and the link to the web page you had problems with.’s teen site,, contains over 1 million original stories, poems, and plays.The site has a similar format and rules to, except that no fan fiction is allowed.

Adult fan fiction and celebrity pics and movies.

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When traveling in the vast, anonymous, lawless expanse known as the Internet, it’s a given that you’re going to run into some weird shit. Maybe none of it is weirder than the world of erotic fanfiction. This is where fans lovingly write up tales of, say, Legolas and Gimli going at it, in

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An index page listing Fanfic content. If you want something done right, do it yourself. Fan Fiction is a form of Alternate or Expanded Universe created by …

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