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Allow Or Deny SSH Access To A Particular User Or Group In Linux. openSSH default configuration file has two directives for both allowing and denying SSH access to a particular user(s) or a group.

Changing the group a user is associated to is a fairly easy task, but not everybody knows the commands, especially to add a user to a secondary group. We’ll walk through all the scenarios for you.

Some of my projects are still in SSRS 2005 and PowerShell v1.0, so this script works and is tested on this environment only, for now. I plan to port this to SSRS2008, PowerShell v2.0 when I get the chance.

On Linux, you can setup disk quota using one of the following methods: File system base disk quota allocation User or group based disk quota allocation On

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We need to add several users to several SharePoint Groups. Does anyone have an example of how to add a user to a sharepoint group using power shell.

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I want to add new user and have/grant that new user to have all the root access, how can I do that ? I did sudo adduser –system testuser but this is not working as I expected.

My experience is also there is no option available to add a single AAD account to the local adminstrator group. What you can do is add additional administrators for ALL devices that have joined the Azure AD.

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If you have multiple users on your network domain and want to give a user administrator rights you need to add them to the Admin user group. The process is …

I have a .net application which is connecting to the SQL Server using windows authentication. We cannot use SQL Server authentication in the application. We have lot of Active Directory users the

I want to add the Apache user (www-data) to the audio group. I’ve read the man page for useradd, but I’m not having any luck. I’m running xubuntu 11.10. Here’s what I’m doing: $ sudo useradd -G au

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